About Raanan

Since 2000, Raanan’s business is trust.


Raanan is an entrepreneurial specialist, that uses the mindset of his partners in order  to impact their actions and results.


By creating a system in which his partners can act, grow and thrive, following simple set of principle and values, that help to raise the field instead of leveling it.

Raanan act to compress the existing knowledge of his partners in order to make space for new one and help to unlearn paradigms and perceptions that lock them in a linear growth rate instead of exponential one. 

As to all high-risk players, Raanan encourage to first see how do we need to think about the challenge, instead of just dealing with a it.




Raanan is the founder and CEO of systems of disruption (SYDI).

Raanan is the  founder of RS-PDC, an entrepreneurial consultant service in which he delivered thousands of lessons, lectures and privet sessions to groups and individuals of Entrepreneurs in the fields of Value Proposition, Business Model, Network Marketing, Time Managment and other Essential skills.


Raanan is the local leader of the Israeli branch of Founder Institute – the world largest pre seed accelerator.


Raanan is a Former Israel National Champion in Taekwondo, he hold a 6th Dan black belt and at the age of 35 was promoted to be an International Coach in Taekwondo.

Raanan teached at Wingate institute's "Coaches and Instructors school". 


Raanan trained numerous professional athletes and winning dozens of medals in Israel and Europe, organize Guided and Lead  delegations to European tours.

Since 2003, Raanan has been a member of the renowned "Mensa" organization and in his lectures, he  promotes the principles of the organization.

Raanan is a Master Make-up artist in professional make-up.

Raanan is a Dive Control Specialist, Master Diver and a diving instructor under the international organization SSI.

Raanan is a licensed Gemologist from the Israel Diamond Exchange.


Raanan taught in the most successful Salsa schools in Israel as a Dance Instructor; Entertaining and teaching thousands of  clients, Organizing classes and festivals.

Raanan is an autodidact musician and composer, Tutor of bands for live performances and in recording studios.