Innovative disruptive thinking partnership



Raanan works with investors and founders to bring new mindset when operating in disrupted eco-system.

So, if you 

  • Think about starting a business or found a startup?

  • Trying to raise capital for your company?

  • Wish your team to become an A team / MIF team?


Or if you

  • want to invest in startup but not sure how to?

  • been self made person and want to stay in the game? 

  • help to design the new world for future generation?

About Me

Since 2000, My business is trust.

I'm an entrepreneurial specialist, I use the mindset of investors and entrepreneurs to impact their actions and results.


by creating a system in which they allow others to act, grow and thrive following principle and values, raising the field instead of leveling it.


I act to compress the existing knowledge of my partners in order to make space for new one and help to unlearn paradigms and perceptions that lock them in a linear growth rate instead of exponential one. 


instead of immediately dealing with a challenge, let's see first how we need to

think about it.

raanan shenhav
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