Raanan is an Entrepreneur who founded and owned a number of businesses in various fields, he is an accelerator leader, a public speaker and a mentor.

Raanan is also a Professional Taekwondo and Martial Arts Trainer.

In order to examine his ideas and to shape his philosophy into insights and practical models that    Innovative disruptive thinking partnershipwill serve as an Agent Of Change in the life of his clients, Raanan devoted the last two decades of his life to to study different kinds of success, failures, and disciplines while achieving experience, recognition and reach Mastery level  in various areas.

All this knowledge  and experience is documented for your use,  with on the go Insights and models.

  • Raanan is the  founder of RS-PDC. An entrepreneurial consultant service in which he delivered thousands of lessons, lectures and privet sessions to groups and individuals of Entrepreneurs in the fields of Network Marketing, Cosmetics and Private  Sector  Management

  • Raanan is a Former Israel National Champion in Taekwondo, who at the age of 35 was promoted to a Master 6th Dan black belt and an International Coach in Taekwondo.

  • Teaching at Wingate institute's "Coaches and Instructors school". 

  • Training numerous professional athletes and winning dozens of medals in Israel and Europe.

  • Organization, Guidance and Leading  delegations of dozens of students to European tours.

  • Since 2003, Raanan has been a member of the renowned "Mensa" organization and in his lectures he  promotes the principles of the organization.

  • Personal mentor to people from a varied Education areas and to a various levels of management officials from the world of business.

  • A Master Make-up artist in professional make-up.

  • Dive Control Spicelist, Master Diver and a diving instructor under the international organization SSI.

  • Licensed Gemologist from the Israel Diamond Exchange.

  • Teaching in the most successful Salsa schools in Israel as a Dance Instructor; Entertaining and teaching thousands of  clients, Organizing classes and festivals.

  • An autodidact musician and composer, Tutor of bands for live performances and in recording studios.


Raanan's vision is to create a culture of Learning, Communicating and Leading that will allow his clients to improve, streamline and be flexible to the business markets demands of them as well as the personal social circles.

As a personal consultant Raanan's experience in different and opposite fields able's him to contribute different professionals insights and advice from different disciplines and offer a multi-cultural view point.


As a Change Agent Raanan's specialty is to create a common language, that is clear and define. this helps to take on any challenges, find or create a direct road to success and to achieve measured advancement.

A common language that allows successful people to become more successful.

Either it's about opening your own business, changing position or even a professional field, or dealing with complex challenges of personal life, improving communication, being able to overcome dilemmas, developing creativity and personalty - for every person or organization that find interest in excelling and evolving using experience-based tools and methods,

Raanan is here for you.

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​​Raanan's specialty is knowing the route and process as well the "how-to" experience in creating professional fighters for the fighting rings as well as professional achievers in startups, in business and even in personal areas.


supplying the right tools, attitudes and information in order set his clients on the path they need to get on, allowing them to thrive and flourish in an ever changing reality.


      Raanan's experience let you-the client, move to the next level either turning from a level of Total Lack of Experience, or already a successful client that want to expand, to fulfill every thinkable aspiration.

Human Resources experts predicts that in the future the work place will be composed mainly out of Independent workers and freelancers that will get contracts instead of being employed by business and corporations.


persons that by knowing how to learn new skills, being autodidacts, resourceful and creative, will become a modern Polymaths, a Renaissance persons that can step up to rigid and tough schedules, meeting the challenges and take the lead in professional and personal life.

The people that will hold this set of tools, attitudes and information will be sought-after, well payed and respected by they peers, friends and family members.

Raanan's experience will help you, from any position that you, your team or Organization are at - at the time.


The inspiration for the CPD system is the cutting edge medical approach that claims that the body is made of interactive and dependent organs system, in which every organ is made out of many tissues, tissues which are made of the same kind of cells.

The ground breaking concept is that in order to heal the body we need to heal the cell - the most basic unit of the body and if we can mange that, the tissues, the organs and eventually the body will be healthy.

The CPD system - Cellular Personal Development

success in every field and level is a basic process, and in these hectic times every one try to claim ownership on this process or part or it.

CPD system means no more re-named, trending concepts, but true basic set of tools, attitudes and information that will provide everything you need in order to go the extra-mile and step up to next level.

because it is basic, you can take advantage of the CPD system in every field or area of your chosen, for any position in any level that you decide. 


Have you ever thought what is in common between a construction worker, a chef and a surgeon ...?

Everyone needs hats for their work - a helmet for safety, a chef's hat and a surgical cap.

Using the same tools:

hammer- for nails, meat tendering and reflex checking. 
Burner - in order to soldering metals, to make Crème brulee, to cauterize blood vessels in order they will not bleed.

Using advanced and hi-tech materials:
Smart cement, agar agar and the use of joint and bone replacement materials.

public health in case of failure:
A building that will collapse, 500 people with stomach poisoning, people who will suffer from surgery.

It is obvious that every profession has it unique professional training, but at the most basic level, at the core of the professional person there is a common set of skills and attitudes that will promise success in the chosen field.   


what is the common set of skills and attitudes? 

* The ability to learn and being informed on every advancement in the field.

* Ability to analyze actions and results in order to improve.

* Leadership and self critic.

* Ability to work with a team.

* Have a positive attitude.

* Ability to communicate with other people (clients, service providers, etc.) .

* Concentration during work to achieve high performing results.

* Patience-due to long training or service periods in order to reach success.

* Standing tall under pressures and schedules.

* Creativity.

* Troubleshooting.


The CPD system allowing you to become a chameleon of tools and attitudes that creating this common base of different professionals  

Look at the list of personal mental abilities written above...

Would't you want all the employees in your business own these capabilities, would't a business be better off if each one of his management team had these capabilities and had a common language while working together to promote the business or company.


Try to take a look at these tools and attitudes out of the business world and in to your personal world. 

how valuable it will be to find a partner for life which holds this set of abilities, how valuable will be a friend who embodies these abilities, a father and mother who bring these capabilities to his or her family and empower all members of the family.


Raanan's programs and philosophy will give you the tools for lead ahead from the crowd, coping with those around you and their opinions, Handling  with the challenges that daily life throw at you and Managing the challenges of living in a High Competitive-High Achievement Surroundings.

It is test proof by Raanan himself-trying it in every area that he mastered.

As a Consultant and a Mentor, Raanan guides his clients to recognize and use a set of Tools and Concepts that helps a person understand reality as he perceives it in comparison to reality as it is, to define what their desires and aspirations are.

Using  these tools and concepts, to establish a Control Check-List for their progress and motivational aid and assistance in challenging times.


From 2011 to 2017 Raanan retired from all of his business and activities Besides his Taekwondo school and some private consulting in order to set time Aside in order to raise his three little children in a home-school fashion; this time has also been used to update and renew his Training Programs.

Raanan believes that The Entrepreneurs and The Warriors use exactly the same Tools to succeed and to excel in a high-achievers and competitive world that does not give you what you want but provides what you need - on the basis of Hard Work, Learning and Evolving.

Now the Ideas, Methods and Programs that helped all his Clients are ready for you in their latest version and easy to start - for everyone, in any field at any time.